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Kraft Tape

A bonafide eco-warrior that seals boxes and mailers alike, our KraftTape is made from high-quality kraft paper and adhesive. Trust our kraft tape to keep your packages snug, secure, and planet-friendly.

Starting From

per kraftmailer
Width Length
24mm 50mm
42mm 50mm
72mm 50mm

Conscious packaging, for a greener tomorrow

Secure Adhesion: The pressure-sensitive adhesive on kraft tape forms a strong bond with various surfaces, including cardboard, paper, and plastic.

Sustainable choice: As compared to plastic tapes, Kraft tapes are an eco-friendly packaging option because they are made from natural, renewable materials.

Versatility: Kraft tape is suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, including sealing boxes, cartons, envelopes, and mailers. 

Tear Resistance: Due to the strength of our kraft paper, the tape offers good tear resistance, helping to secure packages and prevent tampering during transit.

Customizable: Kraft tape can be customized with logos, branding, or messages, helping businesses to enhance their brand visibility and communicate with customers. 


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Our KraftMailer is made with high GSM virgin/recycled paper which ensures that these mailers can be used to ship different types of items, including clothing, accessories, books, documents, and more, making them suitable for various industries. They are tear-resistant


After use, kraft mailers can be easily recycled, contributing to a more sustainable packaging cycle and reducing waste sent to landfills. These mailers can be recycled both in industrial facilities as well as in your kerbside recycling unit contributing to a circular economy.


Our KraftMailers are more affordable than traditional cardboard boxes, helping businesses save on packaging expenses without compromising on quality. For items that are not fragile or prone to breakage in transit like apparel, books or documents, these mailers are the perfect choice.

Ease Of Use

Our peel-and-seal feature allows for quick and hassle-free sealing, making the process smooth and efficient. It also negates the requirement of additional packaging supplies. The strong adhesive ensures a secure seal, providing peace of mind that your mail will reach its destination intact.

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