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Corro Mailer+

What if we told you that your CorroMailer just got the gift of expansion? A versatile and efficient alternative for small cartons, CorroMailer+ brings you the protection offered by corrugated mailer with the added feature of gussets. 

Perfect for bulkier items that don’t fit inside regular mailers, CorroMailer+ is resistant to bending and crushing. Plus, there is no need to fret about environmental footprint either. These quirky mailers are eco-warriors at heart. Made from recyclable materials, they’re committed to saving the planet one shipment at a time.

Starting From

per mailer
SizeExterior: Flap OpenExterior: Flap ClosedInteriorAvg. Wt. (gms)
CM+01270 x 210mm270 x 150mm245 x 150mm30
CM+02305 x 250mm305 x 190mm280 x 190mm40
CM+03325 x 300mm325 x 240mm300 x 240mm55
CM+04425 x 380mm425 x 300mm400 x 300mm85
CM+05500 x 410mm500 x 330mm475 x 330mm110

Robust design to mitigate product damage

Drop it, pile it, or drench it- HexMailer’s sturdy design ensures that your product remains unharmed during even the most rigorous transit

Unbox the future: honeycomb mailers - compact, protective, and sustainable.

Protection: One of the principal benefits of HexMailer is its ability to provide excellent protection. The honeycomb structure acts as a cushion, reducing the risk of damage significantly.

Lightweight: Honeycomb mailers are typically lightweight, which can result in lower shipping costs for companies.

Space Efficiency: HexMailer (as opposed to cardboard boxes) reduces wasted space in packaging through its flatter layout allowing for more accommodation of more items in a single shipment. 

Versatility: Honeycomb mailers are versatile and can be adapted for various shapes and sizes of items. They can be customized to fit specific shipping needs, accommodating a variety of products securely.

Customization: These mailers are conducive to customizations in terms of both size as well as branding options for specific companies.

Sustainable: Since HexMailer is made of both recycled and recyclable materials, it reduces overall environmental impact in terms of both production and disposal.

Ease of Handling: The ease of packaging in a honeycomb mailer with its self-sealing adhesive strip makes it a time-saving alternative to traditional cardboard boxes.

Cost-Effective: When considering factors like reduced shipping costs, efficient use of space, and potential for customization, honeycomb mailers can be a cost-effective packaging solution, especially for businesses that frequently ship smaller, fragile items.

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Exceptional protection

HexMailer+, with its intricate honeycomb pattern, has been specially designed to absorb and distribute impact and pressure. Each hexagonal cell guarantees protection and reduces the risk of damage to the contents during transit. It offers excellent shock absorption and protection making it the perfect choice for all your shipping needs.

Environmentally sustainable

Crafted from eco-friendly materials, HexMailer+ presents a conscientious choice for the discerning consumer. Being both recycled and recyclable, our honeycomb mailer is a step towards a circular economy making it a sustainable choice for shipping purposes. Conserving resources and reducing carbon footprint are the main tenets of our policy for sustainability and our honeycomb mailer embodies these principles thoroughly.


HexMailer+ is the embodiment of versatility as it can accommodate a diverse range of products. Anything from documents, to garments, to cosmetics and gadgets, HexMailer can be your go-to for safe shipping across your product range. They are effective in safeguarding even the most fragile items owing to their layered, hexagonal structure as compared to a regular mailer.

Shipping Efficiency

Shipping products in a honeycomb mailer as opposed to cardboard boxes can effectively bring down your shipping costs. This is attributable to both its lightweight construction as well as its space efficiency. Packing products in HexMailer as compared to cardboard boxes is also efficient in terms of time consumed- just put your products in, fold and seal.

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