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Hex Mailer

Looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to your traditional mailers? Meet the the hip, hexagonal hero of the packaging world, the HexMailer! With a sturdy hexagonal honeycomb inlay, the HexMailer offers excellent shock absorption during transit and keeps your cargo safe - all the while being an eco-warrior of packaging!

Hex Mailer+

Did your honeycomb mailers just get a plus-size upgrade? Say hello to Hex Mailer Plus! With the added feature of side gussets, they can easily accommodate your item's unique form while retaining the original's protection quotient.

Their expandable gussets make them an excellent alternative to smaller cardboard boxes thus saving you on packaging costs, time and shipping space.

Kraft Mailer

Crafted from sturdy kraft paper, the KraftMailer offers exceptional durability while championing environmental responsibility. Say goodbye to excessive waste and hello to a greener packaging solution.

But wait, there’s more! Personalize your KraftMailer with your brand’s logo and message, turning each shipment into a unique representation of your business. And with its easy-to-use self-sealing adhesive, packing and sending your items has never been simpler.

Kraft Mailer+

Presenting the epitome of sophistication in sustainable packaging: Kraft Mailer+! Embracing the essence of eco-friendliness, these mailers now come with a refined bottom gusset feature, effortlessly accommodating your items’ unique contours while upholding their unwavering protective standards.

Their ingeniously expandable gussets offer a distinguished alternative to conventional cardboard boxes, optimizing packaging efficiency and preserving precious shipping space. Moreover, the seamless peel-and-seal adhesive strip ensures a seamless packaging experience, epitomizing elegance in simplicity.

Corro Mailer

Imagine your items embarking on an epic adventure, bravely traversing rough terrain, battling the elements, and emerging unscathed, all thanks to Corru-mailer!

Perfect for documents, books, photographs, clothing and more, its corrugated paper lining cushions your items snugly. The result? Your items are fully protected against outside impact and damage due to bending.

Corro Mailer+

What if we told you that your CorroMailer just got the gift of expansion? A versatile and efficient alternative for small cartons, CorroMailer+ brings you the protection offered by corrugated mailer with the added feature of gussets.

Perfect for bulkier items that don’t fit inside regular mailers, CorroMailer+ are resistant to bending and crushing. Plus, there is no need to fret about environmental footprint either. These quirky mailers are eco-warriors at heart. Made from recyclable materials, they're committed to saving the planet one shipment at a time.

Hex Roll

Imagine a packaging roll that's not just a roll but a beehive-inspired wonder. Meet HexRoll, an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional bubble wrap.

Whether you're shipping a fragile antique, a work of art, or a collection of rubber ducks (hey, we don't judge!), our honeycomb roll ensures that your items embark on their journey with absolute safety. Each layer of this roll is like a cozy, hexagonal hug for your precious cargo.

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