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Imagine a packaging roll that’s not just a roll but a beehive-inspired wonder. Meet HexRoll, an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional bubble wrap.

Whether you’re shipping a fragile antique, a work of art, or a collection of rubber ducks (hey, we don’t judge!), our honeycomb roll ensures that your items embark on their journey with absolute safety. Each layer of this roll is like a cozy, hexagonal hug for your precious cargo. 

Plus, it’s so easy to use! Just unroll, wrap, and voilà – your items are ready for their journey.

And here’s the best part- made from sustainable materials, it’s not just protecting your items; it’s protecting the planet too!

So wrap it right and wrap it green with your new wrapping buddy, the HexRoll!

Starting From

per roll
SizeWidthUnexpanded Length        Expanded Length
HR+01325 mm100 m160 m
HR+02325 mm250 m400 m
HR+03500 mm100 m160 m
HR+04500 mm250 m400 m

Wrap it right and wrap it green with HexRoll

Robust and Strong: The three dimensional, hexagonal shape created by HexRoll provides exceptional protection to your products. The pattern of the paper is such that it interlocks itself 

Versatile and Flexible: Whether you’re wrapping delicate items or something more robust, the Honeycomb Roll adapts effortlessly for all. 

Optimal Protection: The honeycomb pattern provides a natural cushion, offering exceptional protection to your items during transit. 

Lightweight: While HexRoll is light in weight, it has exceptional strength. In fact, due to the way the cells interlock, HexRoll is a robust and rigid cover for your products. 

Aesthetically Pleasing: Beyond its practical benefits, the honeycomb design adds a touch of visual elegance to your packaging. 

Ease of use: HexRoll is very quick and easy to use, just wrap your object, release the wrapped portion from the roll and you’re good to go. 

One-man Army: Our HexRoll is a one-man army that needs no other tools like scissors or adhesives to secure the product. The product wraps around itself in an interlocked fashion and holds its shape.

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The perfect alternative to plastic bubble wrap, HexRoll is a recyclable product that can help your firm reduce its environmental footprint. It's made from sustainable materials, so you can feel good about your impact on the environment. It's packaging that cares for both your items and the planet.

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Even products that are uneven in shape will find an easy cushioning option in HexRoll. Due to its extremely pliable structure, HexRoll wraps itself around objects of any given shape. It shields edges, vertices, handles and all other elements of your product. Your dainty artifacts, delicate glass items, and fragile gadgets will all find complete protection in HexRoll.

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Superior Protection

Each cell of the honeycomb roll is like a cradle for your products. The honeycomb pattern is like a natural shock absorber, absorbing impacts and vibrations during transport. This personalized fit minimizes movement within the packaging, preventing potential damage caused by items shifting during transit.

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Ease of Use

Unrolling and wrapping with HexRoll is an effortless process that requires neither specialized skill nor any tools. Not only is this revolutionary packaging material more eco–friendly than bubble wrap but also easier to use in comparison. It’s a no mess, no stress situation with HexRoll where all you have to do is stretch out the roll and wrap it around your products.

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