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Imagine your items embarking on an epic adventure, bravely traversing rough terrain, battling the elements, and emerging unscathed, all thanks to Corru-mailer!

Perfect for documents, books, photographs, clothing and more, its corrugated paper lining cushions your items snugly. The result? Your items are fully protected against outside impact and damage due to bending.

Easy to pack and seal, they are heroes of customizations that’ll swiftly take on your brand’s identity.

These fluted warriors are also ecologically responsible and are made with recyclable material, leaving behind themselves nothing but happy smiles.

Starting From

per mailer
Size Exterior: Flap Open Exterior: Flap Closed Interior Avg. Wt (gms)
PI-01 270 x 210mm 270 x 170mm 245 x 170mm 30
PI-02 305 x 250mm 305 x 200mm 280 x 200mm 40
PI-03 325 x 300mm 325 x 250mm 300 x 250mm 55
PI-04 425 x 360mm 425 x 300mm 400 x 300mm 85
PI-05 500 x 400mm 500 x 330mm 475 x 330mm 110

Robust design to mitigate product damage

Drop it, pile it, or drench it- HexMailer’s sturdy design ensures that your product remains unharmed during even the most rigorous transit

Small in size, mighty in protection

Lightweight yet Durable: CorroMailer is lightweight, reducing shipping costs, while its corrugated construction provides strength and durability. This makes it ideal for protecting items during transit.

Versatility: CorroMailer comes in various sizes and can accommodate a wide range of items. Whether you’re shipping books, clothing, documents, or other products, you can find a corrugated mailer that fits your needs.

Customization Options: CorroMailer can easily be customized with branding, logos, and promotional messages giving companies an effective marketing opportunity.

Cost-Effective Shipping: Due to their lightweight nature, CorroMailer can contribute to cost savings in shipping, especially for businesses that send out a high volume of smaller items.

Protective Packaging: The corrugated material provides a cushioning effect, protecting items from bending, folding, and minor shocks during transportation. This helps reduce the risk of damage to the shipped goods.

Environmentally Friendly Options: Made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, CorroMailer can effectively align with your company’s environmental goals. Choosing CorroMailer can appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

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CorroMailer, having been made from recyclable materials, contributes to reducing overall packaging waste. With its minimalist design, CorroMailer utilizes only a necessary amount of raw materials which in turn are also biodegradable, minimizing the carbon footprint generated by the product.

Sturdy and Secure

The corrugated inlay inside CorroMailer provides a level of sturdiness that helps prevent crushing or bending during handling and shipping. This ensures that the contents arrive at their destination in the same condition they were shipped. These mailers are extremely well-suited to the packaging needs of online retailers.


In serving as a replacement for small to medium boxes, CorroMailer can be a very sought-after alternative owing to its cost-effectiveness. Not only is it cheaper than cardboard boxes, it can also contribute to reduced shipping costs as it is compact and lightweight.


CorroMailer is a versatile product not only in terms of sizes but also usability. Everything from documents, printed material, books to garments and accessories, and items that are prone to bending and folding during transit can arrive safely at their destination in the CorroMailer.

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